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Martinsburg VA Medical Center unveils Medal of Honor wall

January 25 2019

Metro News

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The Martinsburg VA Medical Center held a ceremony Friday morning to unveil the new Medal of Honor wall.

The 60-foot long display stretches through a hallway in the center. It features medal of honor recipients from the 22 counties that the medical center serves. 

Each section of the wall represents a different conflict where honorees served from World War 1, the Vietnam War and the War on Terror. 

The last living Medal of Honor recipient in West Virginia, Hershel Woodrow “Woody” Williams, served as guest speaker. He said the display will serve as an educational source for the younger generation. 

“With those coming to this medical center, they will, perhaps for the first time understand what the medal of honor represents and what it took to earn it,” said Williams. 

U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito made an appearance after a busy week in Washington, DC amid the partial government shutdown. 

“We weren’t really sure what our schedule was going to be so, it was a thrill that I was able to get here,” said Capito. “I’m heading back quickly, because I think that we will have some work to do this afternoon.” 

She said that the honor wall highlights the sacrifices the many in the region have made. 

“This wall of honor is a real tribute,” said Capito. “I would encourage people to come and just see it to realize the sacrifices but also to be proud of our area because we have given a lot.” 

Capito adds that hearing Williams speak about the medal of honor really puts things in perspective as she heads back to DC. 

“I think we kind of get going so busy and fast in Washington and it gets so aggravating,” said Capito. “Then, you forget, wait a minute, let’s stop and remember that we are Americans first. He (Williams) always reminds me of that.” 

The honor wall was constructed by a banner company from Martinsburg and took months to complete.