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Marietta to hold groundbreaking for Gold Star Memorial Monument at Lookout Park

Oct 10, 2017 

Julie Dunphy | The News Center

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - The groundbreaking for the Gold Star Memorial Monument at Lookout Park in Marietta is Tuesday evening.

The Gold Star concept began during World War Two.

It's to honor families that lost a loved one at war.

There are 25 Gold Star monuments around the country like the one going up in Marietta.

There's one across the river in Vienna.

Medal of Honor recipient Woody Williams served as inspiration for these monuments.

The 94-year-old veteran will be at the groundbreaking Tuesday.

The city is still accepting donations to cover the cost of the monument.

Woody Williams says the new monument will be good for the community.

"Well I think its wonderful that we can have it here to honor the families that lost people in service. It's wonderful to honor those folks, as i say. It's just a great thing, it's just nice to have here it in Marietta"

The groundbreaking will be Tuesday at 7 P.M., at Lookout Park in Marietta.