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New veterans memorial honors Gold Star families

Sep 24, 2017 

Bayley Bischof | KLKN TV

On Gold Star Mother’s Day, a new monument to honor the sacrifice families of fallen soldiers have made today, and every day.

All across the country there are monuments and memorials, honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice- their lives. 

But what about the people who are left behind? 

The parents, children, siblings and friends of fallen U.S. servicemen. 

That's what Sunday, and a new monument at the Veterans Memorial Garden is all about. 

"This memorial, here beside me pays tribute to those families and relatives of those individuals and we pray that in some way it may ease the pain, said Hershel “Woody” Williams. 

It’s because of William’s foundation that this monument was made possible. 

As a veteran and as the friend of a fallen soldier, this Gold Star Family Day means a lot. 

"It's very humbling to be in the presence of those who gave so much more than any of us,” Williams said. 

To Gold Star Mom Pat Mracek this monument is much more than just a statue. 

"It makes people stop and think...there is another face to war– there's the rest of us that were left behind,” Mracek said. 

Her son Cory was killed in Iraq 13 years ago. 

"He had been in the army for four years and Korea for a year then he came home and after 9/11 he said, 'Mom, I have to go back.' I said I know you do– he said 'My country needs me...I've been trained and I'm gonna find Bin Laden,” Mracek said. 

He died January 27, 2004, she said, he will be forever 26. 

Williams said often this sacrifice is over looked. 

But not here, not in Nebraska. 

"This community does remember and those loved ones will not be forgotten,” Williams said. 

Governor Pete Ricketts was there. 

He said that Gold Star Mothers Day isn't just about mourning fallen loved ones. 

"But to Thank God for those who brought them up as heroes,” Ricketts said.