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City Donates to Gold Star Monument

Feb 8 2018

Colin Cameron |Hub City Spokes

Excerpt:  The City of Petal Board of Aldermen voted to donate $2,500 to the Gold Star Family Monument at Camp Shelby at a regular meeting of the board on Tuesday. Gold Star Families is an organization that consists of the families of United States military members who died in service.

The $2,500 donation was voted on per the request of Leonard and Sandra Scardino, who addressed the board at the meeting. Their son, Second Lt. Anthony Scardino, died during a training exercise at Fort Gordon in 2014. 

Anthony Scardino was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces group for over 11 years, and was deployed to Afghanistan twice for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. 

“In an effort to honor and remember him for his commitment, loyalty and bravery, my family and I are asking for your help to do just that,” Leonard Scardino said as he addressed the board. 

“Sandra and I are working diligently to help raise the money needed for this project,” he said. “As members of the Gold Star Family, we know all too well how important this project will be to so many.” 

The Mississippi Gold Star Family has already received permission from the Camp Shelby Board of Supervisors to place the monument at the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum at the site and held its groundbreaking ceremony in January. 

Leonard Scardino explained that the total cost of the monument is $50,000, and they are hoping to establish the monument in May this year. He explained that 100 percent of the donations would be used to fund the purchase.

“On behalf of the board, we thank you for your son’s service and our hearts go out to you and all of the families who have faced that,” said mayor Hal Marx. “We would be glad to be a part of making sure there is a memorial there for that purpose.”

In other action, the board...